March 10, 2008

At O's last appointment with the endo team, we had our on-going discussion about where we are in terms of the pump. It was decided that we would take a loaner home for a week or so. Our diabetes educator has a stuffed animal with a special patch on its tummy for the infusion set. But we had another plan...


That's right...Shotsy wore the pump. And he was a trooper about it. Olivia was very interested in the pump and the tubing and putting it on the bear. We thought that it might make her feel more comfortable with the whole idea. And maybe it did.

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But she drew up short when it came to allowing us to use the I-Port again. She steadfastly refused, even after Marc put one on. She did tend to Shotsy and his pump for a few days, but I eventually came upon everything lying on the floor where she had left it after ripping it out. All in all I'm glad we did it...maybe we are getting there.

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Blogger Shannon said...

O is the cutest little girl...I can't stand it.

Brendon was 3 1/2 yrs old when he started pumping. He wore a backpack style pump pack so that the pump was on his back under his shirt where he couldn't reach it. It was pretty inconspicuous, also.

For months (and maybe even the first couple of years...I forget now) we had to cajole and at times be really firm with him (I used to lay over him to get him still enough to let Jeff insert the infusion set) to get him to allow us to put the infusion set in everytime it had to be changed. It sounds terrible, but once it was in, he was perfectly fine.

He never messed with the tubing because it's all under the clothing. He kind of forgot it was there...out of "site" out of mind.

That was our experience with it when he was really young.

Today, he really doesn't know any different. He doesn't remember getting shots during the first year of diagnosis up until he started pumping. Today, he says he'd never want to be without his pump. He thinks it's so much better than shots.

There was a weekend that he had to get them when his pump failed last summer. That is the only memory he has of shots.

Once you get through that initial wall that O puts up, she'll never know any different and will expect the pump to be part of her.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Paige said...

Thank you, Shannon. That was exactly what I needed to hear.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Cara said...

She looks so cute playing with the pump! I hope that it gets easier for the i-port. It will make her life so much easier, once she can adjust to it.
Good luck. It will come in time.

7:48 PM  

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