November 11, 2007

Marc and I went out together...alone...for the first time in many, many moons last night. We'll call it Date Nite 2007. We're trying to make this happen with a little more frequency, but for now it seems to be an annual event.

We went to Table 2 and I was pleasantly surprised, because I have read some less than stellar stuff about their service. Service last night was fine, the food was great, and the martini was damn near perfect. So that was nice. We went to the theater for a late movie and I think that I could have sat in the lobby for a couple of hours watching all the teen drama going down. The place was so full of free-floating anxiety, angst, and was well worth the price of admission.

I was prepared to love The Darjeeling Limited as much as I love Wes Anderson's other movies, but I didn't quite and I am not entirely sure why. I just felt too conscious of the experience of it as a Movie. Know what I mean? Instead of being totally captivated by what Anderson had created, I felt sort of annoyed with Owen Wilson and his peacock feathers. It definitely had its moments, especially the very beginning and the scenes with the boys in India, but I felt a bit meh about it. Maybe I'll like it more after I see it again.

(I know, I know...I'm sort of phoning this one in, but it is Sunday.)

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Anonymous alish said...

if that's phoning it in, keep it up! i can totally see you in the lobby, watching. sicko. xoxoxo

7:12 PM  
Blogger courtney said...

oh man. maybe we were in a different space. i LOVED the movie. i am basically francis. i want to go on a big trip with you and provide laminated iteneraries. everytime he looked at the itenerary my heart grew three sizes. i just wanted to be on the train with those three so much.

7:43 AM  

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