November 23, 2007

Blogging's been hanging over my head today like a test I don't want to study for; the best I can do is a list of nothing particular in no particular order.

- We've got lots of family still visiting, scattered across the city at various relatives' homes, eating different kinds of leftovers. We are going from house to house, having some turkey here and some stuffing there.

- O's napping is on some kind of abbreviated Holiday Schedule.

- I feel sated, but not stuffed and grateful that it is actually close to cold. When we drove past the riverfront on Wednesday, most of the people working on the preparations for tonight's Grand Illumination were shirtless and in shorts. Sixty plus degrees at Thanksgiving would have been depressing.

- This time last year, O was the only diabetic in our family, but this year several members have been diagnosed with type 2, so I found myself having lots of diabetes conversations over the last few days, pointing out some of my on-line resources and finding out how much they were learning from their MDs about heart health, A1cs, etc. Worrisome.

- Olivia has not only learned about candy and cake this fall, she has also been turned on to the whole Santa Claus thing. So now, everything is SANTA CLAUS. She wants to see him, she wants to see him now. I have a feeling that when she actually does see, it's going to be Scream-Fest 2007.

- I apologize in advance for what I about to say. There is little that is more dispiriting and blech than a bunch of people sitting around a TV watching football. There. I said it.

- Marc is in the bathroom cleaning out the shower and this makes me feel slightly elated.

- We're going for a walk tomorrow and I intend to find the Perfect Autumn Leaf. I know that it is out there.

That is all. Carry on.

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Blogger Chris said...

It was like a youtube video with out the video. :)

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