November 03, 2006

I find cooking demoralizing. I want to enjoy it and I want to be good at it, but I'm just so not. I can't even follow a simple recipe. I got it in my head tonight that I would make a dish from an Italian cookbook that we picked up somewhere. I was in over my head from the start. I's just pasta, but I'm seriously lacking in skills. I started on something simple with tuna. But I misunderstood the basic concept of what the dish would be. And misread an ingredient. I ended up with this nauseating tuna butter that I was supposed to "toss" with our pasta. Marc (who can cook really well, thank god) was game to try it - he ain't scared of no food, now - and I had some after seeing him do so to little ill effect. It was OK. But I won't be trying it again. Even with the right measurements, tuna butter is not really a dish that I need to perfect.



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