November 01, 2006

Halloween: The Hangover

This is O at 5:45 this morning still wearing her costume (Damn you, Ben Franklin, and your stupid daylight savings). She had a great time last night; we all did. I love it when I think that she is not going to enjoy something and she proves me dead wrong. It's usually all I can do to get her to leave a hat on her head for a nanosecond, but she loved her costume. She loved the trick-or-treaters, loved giving out candy, loved going around to the neighbors, and really loved it when she finally figured out that they were giving her stuff. Marc and I had a great time decorating and hosting as many of the grandparents as we could gather (we missed you Grandaddy, Nanya, and Mimi!)

We even managed to make it out of the evening relatively candy-free. And please, if you feel like lecturing me on how I am not allowing her to have fun because I didn't stuff her full of KitKats, refrain. She had all kinds of fun and missed out on nothing. Besides, I'm having enough trouble getting her to eat something besides raisins and fig bars as it is.

(Woo-hoo! Day One! I'm so kicking your ass, NaBloPoMo! )

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Blogger Contrary said...

I will not rag on you for giving your child candy. Heck, my kids rarely get candy, if only because Mommy is snarfing it all down. :)

What a cute kiddo!

9:51 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Adorable pumpkin!

4:55 PM  

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