October 17, 2006

It has been raining all day and I have been in a bad mood. I repeat: raining all day...bad mood. Mercifully, Olivia had a great time and was a joy despite the fact that we hardly left the house until evening. We built a fort and then took it apart and built it again. We put all the books on the shelf and then took them down and put them back again. We took the blocks out of the bag and then...you get it. The house looks like, well the house looks like it always looks...like we just moved in. The walls were closing in a bit today, but I tried to just enjoy the time and not stress on unpacking or cleaning or catching up on blogs or paying bills. It is looking like I might be going back to work soon-ish. Not anything close to full-time, but enough to make me feel like I really need to enjoy our unfettered hours before additional obligations put themselves on my to-do list. Sometimes I feel like I am not very creative about how we spend our time, but then I think that there is a lot of value just in the sheer amount of time that we do spend together...even if it is just putting blocks in a bag and destroying forts.

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