October 28, 2006

Experiments in Parenting #312

Action: Give child a piece of bread in response to her pre-dawn indication that she wants to "Eat!", bring her back into parents' bed
Reaction: Preoccupied chewing; momma gets five more minutes of shut-eye and a bed full of crumbs

Action: Attempt to change child's morning diaper
Reaction: Big screaming fit, much writhing and kicking

Action: Attempt to put child's socks on
Reaction: Big screaming fit necessitating that socks first be put on stuffed bear before allowed on child's ice-cold feet

Action: Attempt to dress child in shirt
Reaction: HUGE screaming fit; child becomes hung-up in sleeve; momma "goes to her happy place"

Action: Attempt to dress child in pants
Reaction: Forget it...child's wearing shirt, diaper, and socks. Pants would be overkill.

Hypothesis proven: Um....I don't know. I'd like to wrap this up with something clever, but my head hurts and my ears are still ringing. Olivia has become, if possible, more opinionated this week. Something about the act of dressing has displeased her mightily. Other than that daily torture, we have been having a lot of fun...she's really into dancing and singing and putting her bear to bed. We went on a hayride at the Maize Maze and to a fall festival; we had a houseful of company with all my girls and their babies. We've been really busy and have the pics to prove it. I will be posting them...in a few days, when it's November and I have to come up with a post everyday.

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Blogger tania (urban_mommy) said...

Hypothesis proven: Babies get their jollies by kicking their mother's ass.

This hypothesis is proven in my house everyday.

4:42 PM  
Blogger K A R I™ said...

Oh I've been there

11:39 PM  

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