May 31, 2007

After seeing yesterday's post, Bernard sent me over to Teresa Ollila's site. The photos, especially the shot of the little girl testing her brother's blood sugar, really moved me. O was very interested in the one of the little boy getting an injection.

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Blogger Bernard said...


I was awestruck and moved the first time I saw Teresa's pictures.

I think those pictures are what moved some folks to post those pictures related to diabetes over on Flickr, that I see you found.

What amazes me is the resilience of these wonderful children with diabetes. Most of them grow up with strong minds and fairly strong bodies. And based on the ones that I've met, and strong sense of purpose.

So in a strange kind of way, it's a little blessing. Which is hard to see when you're so close to it.

If you're interested, I'm doing a bike ride to support research into a cure for Type 1 diabetes. I think the research is fairly solid, but it's takes time and money. Hopefully some readers might decide to support this some.

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