April 17, 2007

O has inexplicably fallen in love with the new Neil Young CD I just bought. (Perhaps inexplicable isn't the right word. I know some people probably find Neil Young inexplicable; I am not one of them and apparently O isn't either. It just surprised me. The Wiggles he ain't.) OK, O has surprisingly fallen hard for Neil. Today, while we listened for about the fourth time, she told me first that she wanted to hold him and then that "Neil Young (prounouned Eel Ung) won't hurt you." Indeed.

(Lest you begin to question whether this blog is becoming one of those "Listen to this cute thing my cute kid just said" deals, let me go ahead and assure you...yes, yes it is. It's just that lately she's been so...cute.)

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Blogger Nicole P said...

Awesome. I love braggy posts, Paige... :)

4:07 PM  

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