October 01, 2006

To all of you who are here because you are looking for information on dogs, welcome....and sorry. There's not a lot here about dogs. I know...the title is misleading. Honest to God, for the longest time, I thought we had made up the whole Tennessee Mountain Cur thing. Who knew that so many of you out there would be looking for information, see our link, and think, "Perfect! I'm sure that this will tell me all I need to know and more about curs from the mountains, the mountains of Tennessee!" Who could blame you for being disappointed? Regardless, stick around. We do have a mountain cur...correction, a Tennessee Mountain Cur. Maybe I should post more about him. Here, here's a story right here. He's losing his fool mind. He spends much too much time lately standing in the middle of the room, looking at the wall and barking earnestly and without cease. Maybe it's the move, maybe it's his hearing or his age. I wish he would knock it off. I guess I should be glad that he doesn't do it all night. But he doesn't. He sleeps. Laid out on his side like the good old mountain cur he is.



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