September 06, 2006

I am running out of patience. On my best day, I am not a patient person, but I am getting really snappish and panicky now. I have reached my limit.

Marc filed paperwork with the state almost two months ago in order to get his Physician Assistant license. Reams of paperwork: applications and letters, transcripts and a background check, on and on. We were told up front and we recognize that all of this takes time to review - it has to be seen by several committees of state employees and some of them meet on the first Thursday of the month and some of them meet on the second Tuesday as long as it's an even numbered date and some of them need copies in triplicate, on and on, whatever. They initially looked at everything and then sent Marc a letter asking for additional material that they should have already had. We faxed it to them immediately and we sit...waiting.

We have both been working really hard for This Big Moment - when Marc got his degree and found a great job that he loved and we could settle into some kind of post-school life. We've got plans. (Included in those plans was having a baby, so I guess we can check that off as something we got the jump on, huh?) Marc completed his pre-requisites; jumped through all the PA school application hoops; did really well in his classes; set up his rotations and did really well with all of them; studied, took and passed the boards; worked a bit; was a great husband to a cranky, crazed pregnant wife; had to stay in New York while O and I came back in TN; flew back and forth to visit; etc, etc. He's worked hard. And I worked hard at supporting us all. And now it's going to pay off....wait, now it's going to pay off...wait,...

Sorry. I told you I'm feeling the pressure. It's just that we have so many good things that hinge on this license arriving and they are SO taking their time in getting it here. We have a house hanging out there in the wind, waiting for us to buy it, a job waiting for Marc to take it. We need to move on out of Katy's house so that she can get in here before her water breaks. We need to pay off some debt. We need to start saving some money and think about having another baby (did I just say that?) But for now, here we sit. And everyday, when the mail comes, I think, "There. There it is. Just walk out to the box and grab it." I have thought this everyday for weeks now. On our anniversary, I thought it would come because, well, it was our anniversary and that would be sweet, right? The day after our anniversary, I thought it would come because that was the day that we were actually celebrating our anniversary. The mail comes really early, too, so there is plenty of time to sulk when 10:30 comes and goes with no official word.

Of course, I exaggerate about the sulking. We are keeping brave faces on. But, I am running out of patience.



Anonymous alish said...

how frustrating! i cannot believe it's been 2 months. maybe you could deliver cookies to the powers that be....surely it will come now that you've written this post. i will focus my enormous mental power on it! xoxox

2:51 PM  

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