September 21, 2006

The bill so far from O's trip to the hospital...$1,167.55.

Unbelievable. I CANNOT believe that I did not get her on TennCare while we were uninsured. What exactly are all of these charges for? Do not get me wrong...I appreciate the care that she got. I really do. But we were there maybe an hour or so and in the presence of hospital staff for less than a third of that. She received one dose of Tylenol. They ran tests, but we haven't even gotten the bill for that yet. I know that this is not what insurance would have paid for our visit, but they won't work with me on it, except to set up a payment plan. I guess that I should be glad for that. Gah.



Anonymous alish said...

jesus! that is some pricey tylenol. maybe they'll work with you in time? oh, canada, you beckon us all....

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Ugh, don't get me started on healthcare. So sorry.

10:41 PM  

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