September 13, 2006

So I struggled all day Monday to figure out what I wanted to say. I had dreaded the anniversary; this year seems harder than last.

It ended up being a busy day for us and I was thankful for that. I finally found a few quiet minutes near midnight and sat down to write something...which was promptly lost by Blogger. I really wish that I had more time to do some reading - there were tributes and some other pieces that I haven't been able to get to. Later in the week maybe...

We went to a family reunion over the weekend (pictures to come) and when we returned on Sunday, Marc made a beeline for the mailbox for the licensure notification that we were sure was there. It wasn't - instead, we found a GINORMOUS bill from the hospital for our uninsured trip to the ER with O. Marc threw it on the mantle and went running to blow off some steam.

On the state's website there is a way to check on the status of an application for a license and Marc does this pretty regularly. I had never done it, but on impulse, I sat down at the computer while he was out and pulled up the site. I entered his name and there it was. Approved. I felt giddy with relief.

So now on to the job situation. He's got several things pending - a pain management clinic, physical rehab hospital, and an ER position - and is at an interview right now. He's so ready to put those healing hands to work.

We are getting packed and ready for a move to the new house. We are going to lease until he gets settled in somewhere and then purchase. I am notoriously bad at preparing for a move. I always feel so unsettled with the boxes and the chaos and I am bad to put everything off to the last minute and then just carry things out by the armload and throw them in the truck. I think the maddest Marc has ever been at me was during Moving Time. I am officially decreeing myself reformed though. Here I sit surrounded by boxes, a few of which I even packed myself, and I feel fine, fine I tell you. I may even go pack a box right now.



Anonymous Courtney said...

glad marc is finally approved. i know that must be a relief.

now you live in a sanctioned vacation spot:

3:49 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

hey sweets. a BIG congratulations to you and marc. as excited as i am for you all to reach your goal of marc's post school employment, i do feel the time ticking for our relaxing lunches as marc watches olivia and my mom watches miles...not to mention the yet-unnamed enormous baby causing all my pants to slide off...and David's arrival in a couple of weeks. We need to go out! P.S. You have the exact same hand-writing as my brilliant,6'4", 295 lb., red-headed, flamboyant, mid-westerner-turned-African, male boss as I just found out from a note I just received from him.

4:28 PM  

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