September 13, 2006

Five Things Olivia is Doing That I Can't Get Enough Of
1. Thirsting for new words. I love going around the house with her, pointing out the desk and the chair and the table and the door and listening to her as she tries to say the words back to me.
2. "Winking." God, there has never been anything cuter ever. EVER. She looks at us sideways and then scrunches both eyes closed. I'd buy her a pony if she could ask for it.
3. Singing along with me. We've started going to Kindermusic classes (which she loves) and we have a CD (which I don't love) of all the songs. When I sing to her, she sort of hums tunelessly along with me.
4. Running up to me for a hug and then patting me on the back while I hold her.
5. I swear...I told her I loved her today and she said it back. I know, I know...see #1, but still.

Five Things Olivia is Doing That I Could Live Without
1. Bashing me in the head with her milk cup when I bring her into our room in the morning and try to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep.
2. Screeching like a monkey on fire whenever Marc or I open our mouths to say a word in the car.
3. I love that she loves shoes and anything shoe-related, but pointing out every pair that she sees? Let me tell you something that you might not have put a lot of thought into lately...wait for it...there are A LOT of shoes in the world.
4. Refusing to eat anything except for raisins.
5. Spitting. Not nice. Quit it.

One Thing Olivia is Doing That I Cannot Figure Out
She has several books with pictures of mice in them. Whenever we get to those pages and I make a mouse sound - you know, Eeek - she looks at me with concern in her eyes and then pats me vigorously on the chest. What is this?



Anonymous alish said...

clearly she thinks you're insane. mice don't say eek. silly mama.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Courtney said...

yeah. mice don't make noise. she thinks you are afraid of the mouse. "eek!" and she is reassuring you that a mouse is nothing to worry about.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Dan and Bird said...

My neice's first word was "shoe," but it came out a prolonged ssshhheeewwwwwwwww for about six months. She eventually moved on to other articles of clothing, and I believe she even learned to say "Mom."

7:56 AM  

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