September 03, 2006

A weekend away with a toddler is a lot of work. But so worth it.

O and I went to Nashville on Friday with Katy and her son, Miles, to visit Eden and her daughter, Ivy.

It was the first time that we had all gotten together with children who walk. And run. And jump. And go up and down steps and want to swing and blow bubbles and climb and be pushed in the toy car again and again and again. Eden's home was a lovely adventure for all of us with her gardens and porches and quilts and swings and toys and wine and stashes of "O" magazine.

Eden and Katy and I have known each other for half our lives and we've seen each other through many incarnations. Now, our children are each about six months apart and I am loving getting to know my friends again as mothers. I love hearing their stories and asking for their advice. I love seeing an expression on Ivy's face and thinking, "Oh, she looks like Eden when she does that." I love listening to Katy laugh at something Miles says.

Katy's pregnant with her second, so we did a lot of talking about what comes next, how to parent two, where we see ourselves in the coming years. Of course, it's all hypothetical - we don't know when Eden will move into another house or where Katy's travels will take her next or whether I will move back up north - but it's so good to know that we will always be able to come back together like we did this weekend and laugh and plan and reminisce and share.

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Blogger tania (urban_mommy) said...

This sounds like such a great trip. I want one like that! It jusst sounds fantastic. Big, heavy sigh.
I also have friends who had - and are still having - babies close to me. It makes these friendships deeper don't you find? And it means so much to be able to talk about it all with yur closest friends, knowing they get it. We're lucky.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous alish said...

fancy photo array! looks great.

very eloquent post.let's do it every weekend!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Hey Sis!

Are you guys coming to the family reunion this weekend?


2:05 PM  

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