August 19, 2006

And just like that Olivia became a toddler. I think that I actually witnessed the moment when walking became her go-to mode of going to. For a couple of weeks, walking was a novelty, a toy, but she soon grew tired of Momma walking so slooooowww when she held my fingers, so off she went without me. Now, she wants nothing more than to put on her shoes, head out the door, and go go GO. (Today at my mom's she had her little plastic keys and was trying to "unlock" the door and escape.) Unfortunately, this house is not well set up for outside play. The park is nearby, but O really just wants to go up and down, up and down the skull crackin' stairs, or trot down the leg breakin' drive way.

While the yard at our new house is not that big, there is a cute little park in back that is bascially an extension of our back yard. Wait....what's that? Our new house? Yes, that's right. We are buying a house. But things haven't quite been finalized and I don't want to jinx anything. So that's all I have to say about that. More later!

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