August 06, 2006

Marc cut Olivia's hair today. Enough said.

OK, maybe it should be enough, but I couldn't leave it alone and I have had plenty to say about it all day. WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING? It looks like it was styled by a blind monkey. Her hair is very curly and grows quickly (thank god.) When the curls get long and heavy, they straighten out and just hang in her face. I have had to trim it several times already and each time Marc has complained, though he would not have even known if I hadn't pointed it out.

We got the scissors out at breakfast while she was sitting in her high chair. I know...gross...we trimmed her nails, too. Hey, she was sitting still - I had to take advantage. Anyway, Marc and I had a detailed conversation about how one would trim her hair, if one were to do such a thing. A tiny snip here where it is heavy...a little cut right here made by measuring against the section made with the tiny snip, etc. I go to the bathroom and swear to god, when I open the door, they are standing right there and Marc was looking very pleased with himself. And Olivia? She looks like....oh god, I don't even know. He combed her bangs down into her face and then just cut straight across the middle of her forehead. It looks like Lego clip-on hair. "I think it looks sort of Bettie Page like," Marc said. OK, even if this were true, is this what we want for our 15 month-old? I couldn't even look at her. I feel badly for my reaction now, but I was shocked. Her hair was so cute; five minutes later, she was well on her way to a mullet.

So after about 10 minutes of raving quietly with a smile plastered on my face, so that she wouldn't see that Momma was freakin' out, I...what, you thought I was going to say that I calmed down? No, I combed her hair out with my fingers and saw that not only it is cut across the forehead, but the cut is uneven and makes a little point right in the middle. It's not so much that he cut her hair badly as it is that we had just talked about how to cut her hair well.

Oh well, he was trying to help. I'm not going to try and fix it with the scissors. We'll just pull it over with a barrette. It will grow. Anyway, maybe it was better to go ahead and get that first bad haircut out of the way instead of waiting until a few days before her second grade class picture.

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Anonymous alish said...

foul! no picture? i scrolled down ever so slowly, reading your words, waiting for the impending visual. i must see a picture.

on the positive side:
she was gorgeous before she even had hair.
she will wear a hat.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Courtney said...

yeah, i have to agree w/ alish here. this entry demands a picture. i tend to believe you are erring on the side on being too hard in marc w/o hard evidence to prove it. i mean. she's a baby. how stylish does her haircut need to be? i'm pretty sure she is still adorable. kiss her on the newly cropped head for me and have a nice day.

11:55 AM  

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