July 04, 2006

Off to NYC tomorrow. When O and I moved away a year ago this month, we intended to visit often while Marc was staying to finish school. The decision to leave was made so quickly when we fully grasped that life in the city with a baby was not going to be affordable for us; I was still recovering from O's birth and had so much to do to get ready...I didn't really get to say proper goodbye's or do many of the things in the city that I wanted to before leaving. But that was OK because we would be back...at least that was the plan. Instead, Marc did all the visiting and we didn't make it back to the city once.

Now Marc is graduating. We are reunited in TN, we gave up our apartment in Brooklyn, and his time at LIU is drawing to a close. So back I go to try to squeeze in all the hello's and goodbye's that I can in three days.

By the way, Happy Independence Day, of a sort. I heard the Declaration of Independence read this morning on NPR. It really stopped me cold. I had to go re-read it after. Might I suggest you do so also?



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