July 15, 2006

Our house has been invaded by a delicious, delirious despot. Olivia is throwing tantrums pretty regularly these days, MAJOR tantrums. Is this a phase that she is in at 15 months, or have we already made some serious parenting mistakes? Maybe spending too much time blogging and reading blogs?

The issue is not so much when we take things away from her that she shouldn't have; she is still pretty easily distracted when that happens. Meltdowns happen more often when she wants to do something that we won't let her do, or we don't pick her up quickly enough, or don't keep the Melba Taost coming. She's going through such a ma...

OK, right in the middle of me forming a thought about how many changes Olivia is going through right now, how much she is learning and developing, she got up and walked right towards me!! She's a fantastic walker...the best I have ever seen!

Happy early Birthday to me!!



Anonymous alish said...

hey, what's wrong with reading blogs? happy early birthday, indeed! happy walking, O.

4:39 PM  

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