August 08, 2006

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Bad Haircut Day Three - The Acceptance

OK, she's still cute. It actually seems to be righting itself a bit, when not combed out as seen above.

In other news, Marc got his face cut on in a major way yesterday. They took out a dime-sized piece of his cheek, only to discover that there were cancer cells at the perimeter and they would need to take more. So, back they went and now it's a nickel-sized hole. We were both a little shocked; we had been thinking this would be like the biopsy. It doesn't matter as long as they got it all.

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Good thing O learned "boo-boo" last week.

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Anonymous alish said...

o. is so so cute! she looks older, and a little badder. like she should be approached with caution, and not underestimated.

marc could be a model for the pain pills he's on. happy, handsome, and feeling no pain. a man ready to compete!

1:36 PM  
Anonymous courtney said...

i love the haircut. marc should open a baby salon. or maybe this just proves that if you shaved the front half of her head (aka ronoldo 2002)and dressed her in a burlap sack that baby girl would still be totally adorable.

(feel better soon marc.)

3:01 PM  

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