May 16, 2006

Ten Things I Have Learned about Olivia This Week
1. She has perfected her seal bark laugh and the maniacal look that accompanies it.
2. Pineapple makes her nuts. Not in a good way. More in a can't stop eating it, don't want to eat it kind of way.
3. She really can sleep in her crib. She doesn't love it, but she can do it.
4. Shaving cream can turn a screaming fit of a bath into a whale of a good time.
5. She has a temper. A crazy, don't mess with me unless you are feeling lucky temper.
6. Dog, dog, dog. Cars, cats, shoes and fans are all actually dogs.
7. She loves Moose (see #6) with a love that knows no bounds. He in turn feels pretty luke warm about her.
8. The plastic bee bath toy? Hi-larious.
9. She's really into me right now. In fact, I come in a pretty close second to Moose. This means that I can not leave the room during dinner, pee without an audience, or put her down within the first 15 minutes or so after waking from a nap.
10. I'm pretty into her, too. Being home with her full-time has been more challenging than I anticipated. I thought we would have a honeymoon period before we moved into the haven't had a shower in two days, sweet potato drying on my shirt, can I have my old job back phase, but with the sleep issues, and the teething, and the move, it has been a big adjustment. But I feel like I am getting to know her better every day and she knows that I will be there when that nap is over and that then we will walk or play or go to the park. She rewards me for all my hard work with gorgeous smiles and sloppy kisses and that's more satisfying than any paycheck* I ever cashed.


*Not that there is anything wrong with a paycheck. In fact, send your odd jobs and house-sitting gigs our way. Thanks.


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