May 10, 2006

Update: So when I posted yesterday, I didn't really think about the fact that I would have to write an ending to the story, to share the celebration or the unfortunate defeat. It's a little of both, mostly celebration, but some also humiliation on my part. I had to call in the big guns: my Mom.

Three hours and 45 minutes after being put in her crib yesterday, Olivia was still crying. She was also still standing up, chewing on the crib rails, and dirty. I got her out of bed. She finally fell asleep in the backpack on our walk last night. We had to wake her up to feed her dinner and then be nursed back to sleep.

So this morning, Nan arrived. And sent me away. I'm not even going to say where I went because it really is too embarassing. (my toenails look great. seriously.) Nan took Olivia into her room, read to her, rocked her, and then put her in the bed. She made her lie down, stayed with her, patting her back and soothing her, until she fell hour and a half later. She slept for an hour and a half and was in a great mood this afternoon. So this evening after dinner and a bath, I took her in, read to her, nursed her and laid her down. An hour later, she's sleeping.



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