April 20, 2006

This time last year I had been in labor for 10 hours. I remember thinking at some point fairly early on that the baby would be born by evening. And she would....the next evening. It's a good thing that none of us had any idea how long things were going to take. I don't think I would have been able to imagine that we would make it.

But we did. So many things were different from what I expected and I can't say that there is nothing I would change (yeah, ER staff, I'm looking at you), but she was perfect. I look at her today and can hardly believe that she has so quickly become a little girl. I so look forward to watching her eat her birthday cake tomorrow, and take her first steps, and learn how to talk, and play with her dad. My life has changed in every way. This time last year I just had no idea...




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