April 10, 2006

Olivia is pulling up, cruising, taking tiny little Frankenstein steps. And officially Into Everything. She is amazingly dexterous. She can take the top off of it, un-zip it, un-snap it, un-tie it...I have to come up with some new diversion for each diaper change as that has lately become the Activity Which Most Brings the Fury. I give her a chapstick and .68 seconds later, she's eating it. Yum, chapstick. Speaking of..."Eat, eat, EAT," is often heard in the house, sort of a half-query, half-command. Adorable. But it's no joke. That kid can eat. Yesterday I fed her a scrambled egg, a bowl of oatmeal (with wheat germ, yogurt, and blueberries), and half a banana before my mom made me stop. I was just going to see how much she would put away. (Kidding - I was only going to let her finish the banana.)



Anonymous Courtney said...

I am a big proponent of recognizing a child's natural gifts early and helping to nurture and enhance these natural gifts (~ala tiger the golf prodigy at age 5). With all the unzipping, untieing and unfastening, it sounds like you've got a little houdini on your hands, or maybe a stripper. Either way is fine with me as the world needs more of both. I think the next step is clearly to lock her in a cage and provide her a pole to swing on and see which one she responds more favorably too.

(Just kidding of course. Seriously, web child abuse sensors, I am joking.)

Sounds like my instructions to Olivia to keep you on your toes are being followed to a T. Kudos to your beautiful daughter.

I'm off to Italy for a week of beach ultimate. Miss you three!

6:58 PM  

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