May 26, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor , President Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court, has Type 1 diabetes.

I've been running around all day and busy at my mom's, so I just found out tonight when Marc told me. I got chills.

As usual, Amy at Diabetes Mine has a great post up about using this as a "teachable moment." Already there's a lot of press, a lot of questions, a lot of misconceptions to be cleared up.

I'm really excited to tell Olivia tomorrow. The whole Supreme Court thing won't mean much to her at this point, but I think that my excitement will rub off.

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May 24, 2009

Sawyer Meets the Sandbox







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May 17, 2009

The Dinner Guests - A Cautionary Tale

1. Show up late to New Friend's house for first "Let's get the husbands and family together" dinner. Bring well-behaved pre-schooler, adorable baby and yummy dessert.

2. Get kids settled in and husbands introduced. Smile and relax as wine and conversation flow.

3. "Ooh" and "ahh" over yummy-looking dinner coming out of oven. Look forward to consuming said dinner with more of said wine and conversation.

4. Turn on stove in preparation for gluten-free noodles for child's dinner. Barely register when New Friend asks whether cooling-on-stovetop casserole should be boiling.

5. Laugh and joke with New Friends right up to the point where explosive pop sends glass and chicken all over stove. Hear Husband exclaim, "You turned on the wrong eye." Die a little inside.

6. Scramble with New Friend and husbands in attempt to salvage what is left of dinner. Marvel that everyone seems open to possibility of eating the top off the casserole.

7. Snort with semi-hysterical laughter as you fan smoke towards open windows, realizing that you have ruined dinner but your New Friends don't seem to be holding it against you.

7. Yell "FIRE!"

8. Check on children. Think about silencing fire alarm. Stare stupidly at flame.

9. Take giant step back as New Friend pulls out a fire extinguisher.

10. Jump and shy like scared horse as fire extinguisher explodes into action, covering flame, dinner, stove, and everything nearby in yellow dust.

11. Wish that one could go back a few minutes in time, back to when a ruined dinner seemed like the ultimate in humiliation.

12. Recognize that feeling in stomach as a deep and abiding need for a tall, frosty adult beverage.

13. Fall in love a little when New Friends seem to think that the evening has been, if nothing else, fun.

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May 11, 2009

Since going off gluten a little more than four months ago, Olivia has grown over an inch and gained almost five and a half pounds. Four months. Five pounds. So, while she was never symptomatic, the celiac was obviously interfering with her ability to properly utilize what she was eating. Either that or she just had one hell of a growth spurt.

Her A1c is 7.2, which is respectable for someone her age and is lower than the day she went on the pump, but is higher than it had been in the last year or so of multiple daily injections. Disappointing. But she was sick a lot this winter and we did struggle with getting everything dialed in when she first went on the pump. Still.

In other news...Four? Four beats the hell out of Three. No contest. I am already loving Four. This was a hard winter for us and I am going to lay a lot of that at Three's door. Three was massive day-long tantrums. Three was exceedingly unreasonable. Four dislikes warms baths and is into screaming and fit-pitching, but Four can talk about Four's feelings. Four and I have been having fun.

Sawyer is not yet crawling, but did say his first word on Mother's Day...bye-bye. Sawyer is going to be my "get into everything" baby. He's the Ninja. You don't know how he got under that table or what that thing is that's in his mouth, but he did it with a quickness. My already light blog posting is sure to fall off to nothing when he starts crawling and walking.

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