January 27, 2010

18 months

Big boy. So loving. So full of life.


He calls Marc "Papa" and Olivia "Thith." He calls out "Mama" hundreds of times a day. "Hot," "ball" and "dog" are also on heavy rotation.


He's independent and can entertain himself for long periods of time with kitchen utensils, but when he decides he wants to be carried, there is no putting him down. He retreats to the laundry room to have his tantrums. He is extremely strong-willed.


He's curious and affectionate and charming. He looks for Olivia when she's at school and gives her hugs when she comes home. He loves his people and lets us know.


Happy year-and-a-half, Sawyer. I don't know how we managed before you came along...

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Blogger Linda said...

Oh, I think I'll cry!!!! So sweet, Paige.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I remember when you couldn't imagine yourself with a second child. And then Sawyer comes along. He charmed his mama, didn't he. :)

He is damned cute. And I can't believe how old Olivia looks. She is beautiful.

9:19 PM  

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