July 26, 2008

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It's my due date. Do I look patient?

I've been thinking that labor was getting started for awhile now. I have been at 3 centimeters for some time and have been having contractions for weeks. Every evening, I lay down thinking that I will wake in labor; instead, I'm just having to talk myself back into my maternity clothes.

Olivia's doing really well. If asked about Baby Brother, she says that she isn't excited and we still touch occasionally on the list of her things that he isn't allowed to use or play with, but she has been talking about him and kissing my tummy a lot and echoing Daddy's request for him to come out and play. I think it's a bit confusing because each evening brings a bit of a preparatory flurry and then each morning...no baby, not yet.

Our adventures in Summer Pre-School have been interesting and warrant their own entry (look for that in two months). It exceeded my expectations, but I am not sure that things are going to work out for the fall. We may have to wait until next spring when things have calmed down a bit. I don't regret it; I just wish the timing had been different.

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First day of school

Anyway. I'm off for more resting. And more nesting. And more carbs and protein. Wish us luck!

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