November 10, 2006

Posted by Picasa When O realized that we were back at Parent's Day Out yesterday, she flipped. I couldn't let go of her, couldn't imagine just putting her down and walking out the door. Not that I could have done so - she was clinging to me with her head wedged in my armpit. I realize this has all been too sudden for her. I wanted to stay with her, let her get a little more familiar with the situation before expecting her to be on her own. But I was expected at work. I called my mom and asked her to come spend the day with O. By the time she got there, O had warmed up a bit, but was still firmly planted at my side. She was excited to see her Nan (I think she thought Mom was going to rescue her), but she was also interested in what was happening around her.

Mom stayed with her and as the day wore on, she got somewhat more comfortable. She played a little with play dough, she danced a bit, she colored the cat you see here (When I pulled it out of her bag yesterday, I nearly broke down.) She didn't go far from Mom and she asked for me some, but she wasn't crying.

So we'll try again next week and Mom will go with her. Another benefit to all this is that Mom is able to see how things are done at the program. She was comfortable yesterday with the teachers and how they interact with the kids, so that made me more comfortable. Hopefully soon O will be comfortable and this will work out after all.

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Anonymous alish said...

yay! quick progress.(though i'm guessing it felt very long to you). even after all my easing ivy into the y, she still said "no y " today when we were leaving for the science museum.
and what an artist! i like that she made that cat hers.

1:45 PM  

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