November 09, 2006

I've been getting some emails, so let me clear this up: It was Olivia's crying that prompted the staff at PDO to suggest she go home, not mine. I did get a little teary, but I didn't fall apart. To fill in more back story...I have gone back to work part-time with the company I was working for last year. My boss and co-worker there have been great...very flexible and happy to help me work whenever I can. The plan is to do about 16 hours a week; O will be with her Nan and at PDO. Or not...

She was doing fine when I was leaving, even when I told her "good-bye," but soon after, I guess she realized that I really was gone and she really was surrounded by a bunch of people she did not know. Apparently that's when the crying commenced for real.

We're going back over there today and will try again, but I don't think that I am loving this program. The teachers are nice enough, but that's sort of where it stops. I have tried to talk with them about Olivia, just some kind of conversation about who she is and how she ticks, but I can't seem to really get their attention. It's like they think they already know children, what new tricks could O possibly have? It makes me feel like they are really going to invest in her, can't make any effort to help us make this transition. I don't think I'm asking for too much?

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Anonymous alish said...

damn, you posted early! perhaps your boss would be flexible enough to entertain o. at work? too much? i hope all is better today, we are rooting for you both.

2:28 PM  

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