November 15, 2006

Oh god, is it really only Day 15? All in all I have been enjoying posting every day (some more than others), but I am tapped out right now.

I could go back and revise one of my drafts that never got posted? Nah.

I could post more pictures of O? Maybe.

I could talk about our day? Rain, peanut butter crackers, three poopy diapers, rain.

Marc's illness? I tried to get him to guest-post for me, but he declined. (He feels a little better, though.)

Analyze my dreams?

See, I got nothing.

Oh wait...Marc just muted the TV to tell me that his current favorite breakfast is two hard boiled eggs and toast...with some jelly.

There you go.

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Anonymous alish said...

chuckle. i am actually chuckling. i love this post. never stop with the dailies: it keeps you fresh and oh so preservatives but cleaner.

9:54 PM  
Blogger learninghorses said...

I was reaching the fading point too, but I managed to rally in the final stretch. Hopefully I can muster the same inspiration tomorrow!

1:01 AM  

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