September 26, 2009

Never enough hours...

This week...

- Sawyer started walking. He took two steps, then three a few days later. This morning he was practically running all over the living room.

- Olivia (finally) decided to poop on the potty. Bribery might have been involved. Bribery referred to by Olivia as "ice cream for poop." As in, "Can we go get ice cream for poop now?"

After a couple of days of this, she told me, "I don't need anymore ice cream. I'm used to the potty now."

- I weaned Sawyer. I didn't necessarily want to, but he continued to be a biting, fidgety nurser. He was also up too many times during the night wanting to latch on and then fall back asleep. I was miserable. He's done pretty well with the weaning, only occasionally patting or laying his his head on my chest and pulling at my shirt. He's easily distracted though. And he's sleeping much better.

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