November 08, 2008

Sawyer is not sleeping. Not.Sleeping. I am starting to get that edgy desperation that I used to feel about Olivia's inability to sleep when she was a baby. Looking at this baby's little red-rimmed eyes stresses me out.

Where Olivia did not sleep from the get-go, Sawyer started off pretty well and then got even better. A couple of weeks ago, he was pretty much sleeping through the night. He is still doing pretty well at night, waking around 1:00a and then again at 5:00a. But his evening and daytime routines are shot to hell. Yesterday and today both, I think he napped for less than an hour.

When he's not sleeping, he wants to be held. This is going over famously with his sister. I can't do anything that she wants me to do except watch movies or cartoons. Playing is hard, fixing her hair over and over again is out. Even fixing her snacks and meals is difficult to do while he screams from his seat.

Now, Olivia seemed to come ready-made this way, but I don't know. She was my first. Sawyer seems to have developed it. The common thread though is us. Have we done something to bring this on? I never was able to "fix" it with Olivia. And it is making me feel a little bit despondent to think that we have several more years of serious sleep issues ahead of us.

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How is that going now?

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