November 01, 2008


The run-up to Halloween this year had a new intensity. Olivia has developed a different relationship to sweets now that she has had more exposure. Not a day goes by that there isn't some mention of cake, or perhaps some cake and ice cream, or maybe just the ice cream. Treats are still treats; we don't eat them daily, but she would like to. By now, she has been to enough birthday parties to know that she has never met a cupcake she didn't like.


Thankfully, in the end her excitement yesterday was more about the costumes and the decorations and the trick-or-treating. She had a great time and paid no attention to what was in her bucket until she got home. Marc and I did some quick editing and she ate a couple of Dum-Dums and saved some for today. She's been clutching one in her hand since about 8am, asking incessantly when it would be time to eat it.


And Sawyer? He doesn't care at all about sweets yet, but he was the yummiest peapod ever.




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Blogger Nicole P said...

Both so freaking cute! Glad you had a nice Halloween! Don't worry about Olivia. Sweets will fade back into the backdrop and as long as you help her have a healthy relationship with /understanding of food limitations (and as long as she understands that even people without diabetes should have them) things'll be A-OK. Right now, I'm glad you're letting her worry about being a kid in a ca-ute costume. :)

- N

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures. This is one of those times that I wish you lived here.
Love, M

12:45 AM  
Blogger Cara said...

They were both so cute! :)

7:45 AM  
Blogger Paige said...

Hello! This was our first halloween with our boy's diabetes. We were so worried about how it would go. I am so amazed at how much stronger my kid is than me most of the time! He never threw a fit, knowing all along that his candy experience would not be the same as the other kids. We went a party with friends and their kids and we did give him insulin to cover a s'more. He said, "Oh, mommy. Real chocolate tastes sooo good"! He's used to splenda! I was so surprised that his blood sugar has actually stayed in range. We are allowing him one piece per day with a meal and he seems pretty happy with that. I thought this halloween would be tough, but my boy was up for the challenge. Glad you guys had a good time, too!

By the way, do you guys have a pump? We are researching them now as the doctor says he is ready for one!

10:31 AM  

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