December 19, 2006

We're quickly closing in on our first blogiversary over here at tnmtcur and I am thinking about changing the name. Although I would be losing a lot of traffic on the site if I did. Just out of curiosity, is there anyone here right now who came looking for information on dogs and then stayed? If so, I would love it if you would leave a comment.

Anyway, I got this idea from Fuzzy Peach and thought it was a great way to review our first year. It's the first sentence of every month's first post for all of 2006. Some of the posts were written by Marc, the original owner of the site.

Is this thing on?
Went to go see Paige and Olivia over President's Day weekend.
This frame was taken at 1/1,000,000th of a second to capture a rare glimpse of the infant's ill-boding primary teeth.
Olivia is pulling up, cruising, taking little Frankenstein steps.
OK, deep breathing isn't working, so I am thinking of moving on to wine, though it is only a little after 2:00 in the afternoon.
I am the sleep maker.
OK, I'm doing it.
So much has been going on here, but I can't seem to get anything written about any of it.
A weekend away with a toddler is a lot of work.
To all of you who are here because you are looking for information on dogs, welcome...and sorry.
This is O at 5:45 this morning still wearing her costume (Damn you, Ben Franklin, and your stupid daylight savings.)
So if I had taken the time to sit and write to O this morning as I had intended, I would have told how she has caused my heart to spill over and out of my chest about 50 times the last couple of days, how seeing her be so affectionate with her grandparents has made the fact that we are back here in Tennessee easier to live with, though I have so been missing New York lately.

And so the leitmotif emerges: I don't manage time well and I definitely need to change the name of the blog. Goals for 2007, perhaps.


Anonymous alish said...

i love the recap! will think on new names as we drive towards you!!!xoxox

10:32 PM  

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